At OmPrompt, in my department, we work very hard to make sure we are aware of the bigger picture within the company, and we do a pretty good job!

With lots of exciting things happening this year (like project windscreen mentioned in this post by my colleague Raphael) we are definitely turning the corner on understanding how much 'Big Data' can influence how we analyse past data and recognise future trends.

But for some companies, big data is not a priority. While data analysts can spend days on end interpreting their data, gaining invaluable insights, it can easily fall on deaf ears!

But big data leads to a higher understanding. It leads to improved visibility, and who wouldn't want that?

With total visibility being both our dream and our mantra at OmPrompt, I would encourage anyone reading this article to spend some time digging into your big data and seeing what you can find.

Don't believe it will add any value? Think again.